Think Training

Get your $kills on point with our training program!

  • All necessary tools provided for your success
  • A permanent makeup tattoo machine
  • 3 models provided for you to perform the treatment
  • Basic introduction to tattoo and needle configuration
  • Intense eyebrow shaping module (5hrs)
  • Basic Color Theory

What makes us different?

Since the popularity of eyebrow procedures have boomed in the U.S. there are a lot of academy’s that graduate students within days and sending them away ill prepared to replicate the success of the trainers. 

Precision Beauty Studio has identified the gap and has concluded that what is indeed needed is not being offered. Quality, hands-on-training! We want you to succeed. You deserve more! We offer an intense program designed to ensure that you are equipped to go 

Every now and then, someone will come along to remind you that you are worth it.

They will embolden you to conquer your fears and help you restore your inner confidence.

Embrace it – Precision Beauty Studio

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