Microblading Artists Don't Want You to Know This...

The Microblading trend has women with thin, sparse or barely-there eyebrows, flocking to salons and studios to add hyper realistic hair-like strokes to their eyebrows for a fuller looking, more defined brow.
However, what your Microblading artist doesn’t want you to know, is…….. Microblading is not for everyone.
Within 6 months or less, those crisp hair-like, undetectable, strokes can double in width and blur slightly in many cases, however, especially in cases of those with oily skin like black and Latino women.
I explain it to my clients like this:
You go in for your Microblading treatment and your technician will etch approximately 50-100 strokes, or more, into your eyebrow.
The next time you go in (for your 4-6 perfection appointment) which may be in less than a year for many, your technician will attempt to go over those exact same strokes, however, because they have doubled in width, they may not be able to do so with 100% accuracy.
This process will need to be done every 6-12 months and is imminent or you risk losing the visibility of your strokes. Each time, the technician will give it their best effort but will be just a little more off the mark. Think about it like a barcode on a product… Now imagine what it would look like If each one of those strokes doubled in width. Eventually the strokes will blur together, and ultimately appear as if you’ve penciled in your eyebrows.
Don’t be discouraged, because there is an even better alternative to Microblading for women with oily skin and/or large pores.  It’s called Ombre.
Not hombre, man…

Om-brrrrrrre is a lesser known, but more versatile and increasingly popular and suitable option for women of all skin types. Ombre simply means light to dark. It’s a technique that will not leave you wanting for anything more in achieving the lush Kardashian-esque eyebrows, you always dreamed of. It is created by using a hand-held pen-like tattoo machine and pigment which is implanted into the skin to create a shaded effect. Ombre, also known as powder brows, is a treatment which can enhance your own eyebrows, making them appear fuller and more defined.

The technique is completely different from the sharpie brows of the 90’s in which women were going to traditional tattoo artists to have their eyebrows permanently etched onto their faces. The problem with this was, most of the time, the color being used was too harsh, and the pigment was implanted so deeply into the skin, that they’d end up with an eyebrow that turned blue, green or simply remained black. And I mean BLACK!

Fast forward about 20 years….
Pigment formulation has changed as well as technique.  A wider variety of color options are now available in pigment designed specifically for cosmetic tattooing and the procedure can be carried out in such a way that it looks incredibly natural. So believable, in fact that the results are barely identifiable as something associated with a tattoo. With regular touch ups or color boosts, your eyebrows can last longer than Microblading, 1-3 years of not having to pencil in your eyebrows? I’d say that’s a win-win.
Your Microblading artist may not want you to know that Microblading isn’t for you for of a variety of reasons:They may not know that your skin is not suitable for Microblading.

  1. They may not have trained in a variety of techniques to be able to offer you options other than Microblading.
  2. Lastly, they simply may not care enough to tell you. People are driven by different factors, however, paying the bills should never come at the expense of sacrificing someone’s appearance and advising more suitable options.

I was excited to train with PhiBrows, the world industry leader in Microblading. I sincerely believe in the benefits of this treatment, especially for those who suffer with alopecia and other forms of hair loss such as trichotillomania. However, there are a few reasons that Microblading alone is not my preferred choice among permanent makeup solutions for eyebrow enhancing.
Microblading is beautiful and impressive with what can be achieved, but it is high maintenance! The cost can range from approximately $150 every few months for maintenance or more. The frequency of how often you have a touch up will vary depending on your skin type, lifestyle and care of the treatment.

 Another reason I discourage Microblading is because if the strokes are placed too deeply within the skin, it can leave you with dark, greyish or blue hued strokes. It can be unsightly when this happens and is often harder to conceal. I became disenchanted with Microblading as a single option to achieving fuller eyebrows and seeing so many people who sent me pictures with requests to “fix” their eyebrows.
The last reason I am not particularly a fan of Microblading, is because of the limits on the amount of times you can have it done. Having Microblading strokes placed in the same exact spot over and over, can cause a build up of scar tissue within the eyebrows. Once this scar tissue has developed, it can make those areas more resistant to pigment retention. Ombre, on the other hand, is considered a less invasive and a more applicable option for a range of people regardless of their ethnicity and skin type. While everyone is not a candidate for Microblading, Ombre is more of a one-size- fits- all.
After giving my clients all the information, I can think they need to make an informed decision and they still insist on Microblading to achieve a more hyper realistic looking eyebrow, I suggest and personally prefer Microblading in conjunction with Ombre, or what is also commonly referred to as a combination eyebrow. It simply lasts longer!
At the end of the day, I always say an informed client is a happy client. Clients who have done their research about what to expect when choosing a permanent makeup are always more satisfied than those who have not. Their expectations are managed, and it makes the job of the technician a lot easier and not having to guess where there are gaps in information.
We at Precision Beauty Studio loves educating our clients and even those who are simply making inquiries.  The world of permanent makeup can be scary, like trying to navigate through a mine field, but knowing the questions to ask can help you make the best decision for your face.

~Precision Beauty Studio

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