Tia’s first passion is people. Her kindness is far-reaching and knows no limits. She is a known humanitarian whose only goal is to inspire, encourage, and uplift the people with whom she crosses paths. Always offering a kind word or listening ear, Tia values client relations and has never met a stranger. Her belief is that if people feel confident, they can be successful in every aspect of their lives. Born and raised in New York City, her quest to seek knowledge, utilize the best products and employ the latest techniques have taken her to various corners of the globe, internationally and nationally to train with the industry’s leading academies based in New York City, London, Boca Raton Florida, Dubai and Estonia. Her clients all attest that professionalism is her mainstay. She is known for educating her clients and believes that an informed client is a happy client. When you choose Precision Beauty Studio, you’ll know that you are in good hands because people are the only priority.


Every now and then, someone will come along to remind you that you are worth it.
They will embolden you to conquer your fears and help you restore your inner confidence.
Embrace it – Precision Beauty Studio

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