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Lip Blush

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent treatment which enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them that boost, symmetry and color that you always desired. This technique in this treatment is designed to create a lip gloss like effect. Lip Blush can give your lips the appearance of up 30% more volume! Lip Blush is a great alternative to fillers or surgery; yet, it can also be done in conjunction with these procedures. A topical anesthetic is used for maximum comfort. 

This procedure costs $350

Ombré & Microblading Combo

This is the crème de la crème! This bespoke service will leave your eyebrows looking beautiful, natural and defined.  It is a service that is designed for those who lack eyebrow hair and want a more complete natural freshly powdered look! The Microblading & Ombre combination eyebrow will ensure that your eyebrows last longer. Clients can expect a color boost every 1-3 years depending on skin type and upkeep.

This procedure costs $500 

Luxx Ombré Brows

This highly requested permanent makeup procedure uses a hand-held machine to create the gradient effect of the eyebrow resulting in a stunning effect. Get your brows customized to be soft or bold. 

This procedure cost $400 


Microblading is a procedure which aims to give you lush, beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows. Microblading gives the illusion of fuller eyebrows by etching hair-like stokes into the brow line. Microblading is great for thin, or barely there eyebrows.

This procedure costs $400


🎯Purpose: Fuller, more defined eyebrows 
✒️How it works: A small handheld pen-like machine is used with ink to lightly outline and softly fill in a beautiful shape that is customized specifically for your face shape .
🎉Results: Immediate
💤Anesthetic: Topical anesthetic is used.
🤕Pain: Varies from none to mild.
⏰Time it takes: 3 hours 
✏️Note: Results may vary by skin type, eyebrow hair or lack thereof, etc.
📞Phone: 202-878- 0762, call or text
📍Location: 5mins from Hagerstown MD
📅Recovery: Clients return to normal activities immediately, about 7-10 days total healing time. Eyebrows may be swollen for the first day or two, and flaking will last for several days. Brows will lighten 30-50% within the first two weeks. 
⏳Lasts: Around 1-3 years on average, varies and depends on skin type. Most clients come for touch ups once a year.
💣Caution: Although it may not look like it, this is a tattoo. 
💳Cost: TBD, includes first appointment only



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